Medicine Cabinets in the Bathroom

Posted on February 16, 2019

The medicine cabinet is found in most bathrooms. It used to be a simple cabinet with a mirror attached to it but now it is available in various different designs and offers better more storage solutions than ever before. You can find medicine cabinets in all sizes and shapes now allowing you more designing options for your bathroom remodeling. Here are some of the basic information medicine cabinets available for your bathroom.

  1. When making bathroom remodeling plans, you have a choice to install either recessed medicine cabinet or a surface mounted one. Recessed cabinets may cost more but it will offer a much more seamless look and save you extra space in your bathroom when compared with medicine cabinets that jut out.

  2. Framed recessed medicine cabinets are one of the more popular options for bathroom remodeling.

  3. Your framing options range from stainless steel, wood, plastic, aluminum, and mirror edges just to name a few.

  4. Frameless medicine cabinets fit in more modern and sleeker bathroom remodeling plans.

  5. Medicine cabinets now have additional features such as adjustable rust-proof shelves, push buttons for easy opening, built in magnifying mirror, and even electrical outlets for razors, blow-dryers, and more.

  6. For better aesthetic appeal and symmetry in your bathroom, the width of your medicine cabinet must be equal to or slightly less than the sink or vanity placed below it. Make sure it is centered properly and its height must be adjusted to your eye level.

  7. Organizing options for medicine cabinets have greatly increased. When picking one out, try to picture how you will be using your storage in order to get the cabinet most suited for your bathroom remodeling.

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