Mirrors and Bathroom Renovation

Posted on January 8, 2019

Mirrors are a very important aspect of any bathroom. It goes without saying that a bathroom will not be able to serve its full use without a mirror. Mirrors should be given a lot of thought when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans not just because they are necessary but also because they will have a dramatic impact on the overall design of the bathroom. Such is their impact that even they layout of the bathroom would suffer if a mirror was placed improperly.

The following will be a few tips concerning NYC bathroom remodeling and mirrors in order to get your full money’s worth when you next remodel. Remember: NYC bathroom remodeling is no small thing and can cost you a lot of money; it would be in your best interest to get the most out of it.

  • When picking out mirrors, be sure that the style you choose matches the style of your vanity and the lighting around the bathroom. If you have a traditional bathroom, framed mirrors would be the way to go. When dealing with more modern homes, unframed mirrors are normally chosen.
  • A mirror is not just for your reflection, it is also an integral part of the lighting in your bathroom. Mirrors can reflect natural light and artificial light. Use this to your advantage by placing it in the path of sunlight from a window or if you want to reflect a particular spot in your bathroom.
  • The size of your mirror will be determined by the size of your vanity. Mirrors do not normally exceed the size of the vanity so as to maintain a clean and proportioned look.

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