Money-Saving Remodeling Tips You May Want to Know About

Posted on November 1, 2018

Whenever homeowners find the need to remodel the house or just a particular room, it is very easy for them to get intimidated by the amount of workload involved in the project; which actually makes sense considering the amount of preparation and planning a homeowner needs to do aside from the actual remodeling work. However, aside from the work, the thing that is intimidating about renovations is the cost. Even when doing a small apartment renovation, you sure will shell out quite a bit of fortune. If you are planning to renovate soon, you probably are worrying a lot about the expenses at this point; however, the thing you need to know about renovations is that, there are actually a lot of ways on how to save a considerable amount of money. The following are a few tips on how to pull through a money-saver apartment renovation:

  1. Use art pieces to hide cords and outlets – One popular remodeling objective among homeowners today is concealing outlets and cords in the office or the living room. Most homeowners will immediately consult electricians on how they can tweak their wiring system to make them less obvious; when they can actually just prop up pieces of art against that part of the wall to hide these clutters.
  2. Refurbish that headboard with a quilt – To address a boring and outdated headboard, most homeowners will consult an expert designer to get ideas on what trendy piece to get, or a carpenter to get a their own custom-made headboard. The thing is, if you will only be resourceful and creative enough, you will find that a simple quilt can make a huge, and quite an artistic, facelift to your boring headboard. You may prefer to make the quilt yourself, though this will be very tasking; or you may buy one that has very interesting patterns. Hang this up against your headboard like a drape, and see the inexpensive yet artistic transformation for yourself.
  3. Concealing the inactive or non-functional fireplace with a potted plant – An inactive or a non-functional fireplace is a common interior design issue nowadays. Though getting it out is the logical action to take, most homeowners prefer to keep their fireplaces due to the romantic appeal they create in a room. However, concealing them often requires some remodeling expenses. Instead of installing glass or brass covers on the fireplace opening, why not place a huge potted plant on that spot to serve as an accent piece as well? It brightens up that empty hole in the fireplace while giving the room more life. However, do not forget to choose on that does not require too much sunlight.

While it is of course great to hire an expert designer to take on the remodeling work, is it not greater to be able to makeover your house without having to spend too much? Remember that renovating is not always about expensive accent pieces and reconstructions. Sometimes, it only takes a good amount of resourcefulness and creativity to redecorate a home the way we want to without shelling out too much money.

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