More Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Posted on May 23, 2019

Gathering enough resources and finding the time to go through NYC bathroom remodeling is a difficult task on its own. With that in mind, you will want to make sure that your renovation will be worth paying and waiting for. Here are a few commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them.


Ventilation does not come to the mind of most people making NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Ventilation prevents moisture and humidity from building up and this will drastically lengthen the lifespan of every fixture and everything within your bathroom.


A lot of people do not realize that the adhesive you use for bathroom tiles must be waterproof. They make the mistake of assuming tiles alone will be enough protection against the water. Failing to use waterproof adhesive can lead to water damage somewhere down the line and this will cause very costly damage.


When choosing a color for your NYC bathroom remodeling, be sure to choose timeless colors over what is currently trending. Not only color but everything else in your bathroom is normally designed to last for many years. Be sure of your decisions or you may just slowly begin to hate certain bold statements within your bathroom.


When considering the layout, do not forget to take the position of water pipes into account. If they are hard to reach, repairing them will be costlier should they ever get damaged. Taking the time to consider plumbing repair access may save you a lot of money.


Be sure to leave enough space for the door to open freely without being too close to anything. This is especially important for small bathrooms. Doors are normally the last thing people think about so it is common to have poorly positioned layout in contrast with the door. For small bathrooms, it may be a good idea to have your door swing outwards.

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