Posted on November 14, 2018

There is simply nothing like living in a spacious, suburban townhouse. You get all the floor space you need to play around with interior design, the kids get more room to run around in and grow, and it is simply breezier and more comfortable with all that space. However, there are some inevitable times when people may be forced to adjust living in smaller spaces. If you are moving to New York City for example, you cannot expect to enjoy the same space you had in the suburbia. You can however, do an NYC remodel in order to make the limited space more livable. So if you are planning to move in to NYC soon, here are a few tips on how you can adjust to the small living space:

  1. Set your priorities right – Since you will be space-limited, every element in the house needs to be functional. If you are living alone, this would be easy. However, if you are with friends or family, talk to every member of the household and come up with your top three priorities. What can you guys sacrifice and what needs to stay? Know all the things you need and want inside the house and decide on which of these things are the most important. Living in an apartment sure is a challenge when it comes to floor area, however if you have just the right things in the right places, you will be okay.
  2. Avoid duplicate items – Most homeowners share that line of thought about just-in-case situations that require them to have duplicates of important things in the house like, pillows, glassware, coffeemakers, blenders, etcetera. Sure there will be times when you might need another one of these, but you do not have to stock up on unnecessary bulk for your tiny home. An NYC remodel is almost always about maximizing a small space, hence, make that your priority. Besides, you can always buy anything lacking in the house in case you run out of it. Almost everything is within reach in NYC!
  3. Lastly, establish proper mindset before moving – You will of course need to make sure you have the right expectations in moving to NYC. While it is often called the greatest city in the world, adjusting to a tighter space can be a tougher challenge than you think. So make the adjustment easier for you by knowing what to expect living in an apartment in NYC, and therefore establishing the right state of mind before moving in.

Living in an upbeat city like NYC is a dream for many. However, this dream often goes with little sacrifices like having to live in tighter spaces. This adjustment however, should never be difficult. Keep these tips in mind and make the adjustment phase easier for you as you move in to NYC.

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