Natural Bathroom Lighting

Posted on June 11, 2019

Bathrooms are typically dark because they are tucked in private spaces within the home and those that have windows only have small ones installed above the shower area to let a bit of light in. Showering with natural lighting can be refreshing and invigorating and it might just be what you need to wake yourself up in the morning. However, most homeowners stray from too many windows in the bath in fear of being exposed to the outside world. This need not be the case especially if you know what you’re doing or if you have a professional do the job for you. If you’re in the process of bathroom remodeling, why not add windows to your list of improvements for your private space? You’d be surprised at how much they can improve your mood in the morning. Below are a few ideas:

Horizontal Windows

If you’re lucky enough to have enough access to natural lighting where your bathroom is, you can install horizontal windows in the area just before the walls and the ceiling meet. This is great for letting natural light in without exposing your bathroom to the outside world. You can add a long horizontal window on one wall or on two walls if you have enough space.


Skylights in the shower can be really great especially when installed strategically. Imagine looking up while showering and seeing the sky. That will definitely start your day right. Have a bathroom remodeling expert assess your shower space to see if installing skylights in the shower is possible. Skylights give you access to natural light without disrupting your privacy.

Frosted Glass on Large Windows

If none of the aforementioned suggestions appeal to you, you might want to consider just enlarging your current windows. Install large windows but use frosted glass. Frosted glass will let enough light in during the day to brighten up your space without sacrificing your privacy. The only disadvantage is, you won’t get much of a view from the bathroom but if privacy is important to you and views don’t matter much, frosted glass is certainly the best option.

The best way to go about adding natural lighting to your home is to consult a bathroom remodeling professional so that they can help you plan the installation of windows in your bathroom.

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