NYC Bathroom Remodeling and Creating Space

Posted on April 6, 2019

In New York, most bathrooms are usually given little space and are usually much smaller than the other rooms in your home. This makes NYC bathroom remodeling a difficult challenge. You will need to design in a way that is functional while leaving enough space available to move around in it freely.

You will need to consider the size of everything that will go in your bathroom like the sinks, the toilets, the tubs, all the fixtures, etc. All these things will need their own space and it would be relevant to your interests to find the ideal way to lay everything out.

Luckily, there are several ways to address the issue of space in your NYC bathroom remodeling. The first method would be to purchase smaller fixtures; you could buy a shower rather than a tub or you could install wall-hung fixtures. You also have the choice of omitting a few fixtures like a bidet and replacing them with multifunctional fixtures.

But to really make your bathroom bigger, you could take away space from the adjoining rooms like the hallway or closet. Taking even a little space may make your bathroom dramatically larger.

Once you have settled on how much physical space your NYC bathroom remodeling will have, you can now focus on designing it in a way to give the illusion of an even larger space. Factors like color, lighting, accents, mirrors, etc. can really make a difference in your bathroom.  A good contractor will always find the right balance in functionality, design, comfort, and atmosphere.

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