NYC Bathroom Remodeling and Saunas

Posted on March 26, 2019

Saunas are almost always found in every spa in New York. Recently though, saunas are finding themselves in a few NYC bathroom remodeling projects by people who want the relaxing benefits of a sauna within their homes. This trend probably started due to the more hectic lifestyles that modern life brings. A stressful schedule normally does not allow enough time for a visit to the spa.

The most obvious issue with a sauna would have to be the available space in your bathroom. Surprisingly enough, you won’t need to sacrifice a lot of space in your NYC bathroom remodeling to fit a sauna, as they are available in all sorts of sizes. Some saunas are about the size of a small closet.

You have two ways of incorporating a sauna in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans; one is to purchase ready-to-install sauna kits and the other is to have a custom made sauna which is likely to fit more seamlessly in your bathroom. Sauna kits come with everything needed like heaters, benches, airtight doors, insulated panels, etc.

For customized saunas, you may choose to install it yourself which will require you to take notes on the dimension you want along with several other details and send it to the manufacturer. You will then have to install it by following their instructions. It may be easier to let a professional contractor take care of this.

Having a sauna in your bathroom will have plenty of benefits and will also add a sense of luxury in your bathroom. You will truly have a spa-like retreat in the comforts of your own home and this will have a tremendous impact on your quality of life.

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