Bathroom Remodeling: Backsplashes Revisited

Posted on December 5, 2018

Due to the high number of materials and designs for backsplashes in the bathroom, the primary concern of most people making NYC bathroom remodeling plans is the impact of the backsplash on the overall design of the bathroom.

The first backsplashes were placed as a means to protect certain areas from water damage. Somewhere along the way, people realized that they added a certain visual appeal and more designs became available.

Today, backsplashes are considered vital to a bathrooms design and are essential as both a means to raise your bathrooms durability and efficiency while enhancing its style and design.

  • Expect to spend a lot time checking out different designs and weighing the advantages of each of them. There are a plethora of designs available so make sure to bring along pictures or to take pictures of designs that you like to help speed things along.
  • Invest your time and money in finding the ideal sealant for your chosen materials. There are several available and finding the right one will not only make your backsplash nicer, it will make it last longer too.
  • Make sure your chosen backsplash design blends in with the overall design and complements it rather than stick out. Get help from an accredited NYC bathroom remodeling expert to make sure everything matches before implementing anything.
  • There are numerous materials to choose from; a few examples would be glass, ceramic, metallic, or stone.
  • Remember to factor in the color of your backsplash and compare with the color scheme around the bathroom. An example of a popular design is soft light colors like ivory and cornflower blue to give the atmosphere a spa-like feel.

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