NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Choosing Showers

Posted on October 12, 2019

Tired of plain showers which simply trickle streams of water upon you? Maybe a shower that is closer to a waterfall would be more to your liking. There are so many different kinds of showerheads available and choosing the ideal one for your bathroom can be time consuming. NYC bathroom remodeling may lead to you choosing from the three basic types of showers; each one cancan come in innumerable designs; all of them work differently from the others and finding the right one will make your bathroom more suited to your taste.

Electric shower

These are reasonably cheap and easy to install and are, in a nutshell, water heaters. These heat up the water from the main as it exits the shower head and is completely independent from your homes hot water system. If your boiler fails, your shower will not. These, however, consume a lot of space and may appear too industrial for modern tastes.

Power shower

This type of shower comes with a pump for a strengthened water flow and draw water from both cold and hot water supplies. These, however, are quite difficult to install and have finicky requirements. Discuss details over with your contractor before deciding to go with this type.

Mixer shower

These are suitable for homes with an ample supply of hot water but may need an additional pump as the water flow can be interrupted by using faucets or flushing toilets within the house. That disadvantage is easily overcome by a thermostatic valve; also, the water flow is generally better than electric showers.

Just like all the facets of NYC bathroom remodelingthere are a few other things to consider with what sort of shower head you install. Keep in mind that the design of your shower head will have a strong impact on the atmosphere of the bathroom. Also, think about what height you would like to place your shower head; for tall people, it may be better to place shower heads a bit higher than normal.

The maintenance of the shower must also be given some thought. If you don’t like the idea of having to do regular maintenance on a showerhead, you can opt to install a water softener which prevents limescale build up within your shower to keep a constant water pressure.

As aforementioned, showerheads are available in countless designs and it is important to pick one that matches the overall theme of your bathroom. Try checking out as many designs as you can to find one ideal for you and to avoid any regret after shelling out cash for a new shower.

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