NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Color Tips

Posted on November 23, 2018

The color of your bathroom can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom’s overall design. If done properly, the color of your room can affect your mood and improve the start and end of your day.

Plain white and cream has long been a common choice for most people as it is a neutral color that is easy to work with and has long been associated with bathrooms. Many people are becoming bolder with their choice of color within their bathrooms and are experimenting with all sorts of color schemes.

  • For the biggest change, change or add colors on the largest surfaces within your bathroom like the walls, floors, or vanities.
  • Small touches of color in the walls repeated in a few places or floors are good way to incorporate color in the bathroom.
  • Adding touches of color in a few places works well in traditional bathrooms for a unique eclectic feel.
  • Being bold with colors, as opposed to choosing neutral shades, may raise the overall value rather than lower it.
  • For non-permanent additions of color, bright towels and accents are good ways to see if a color will work well with your current bathroom theme.

Remember: whenever working with colors, your biggest priority is ensuring it matches the bathroom and complements it rather than overpowers it. To ensure this, consult an expert in the matter in order to avoid costly mistakes.

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