NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Posted on October 25, 2019

NYC bathroom remodeling on its own is already a large project to handle and making a green, eco-friendly bathroom can make it even more difficult. You will have a whole lot more to consider and you will have to get familiar with several new terms like off-gassing or VOCs. There are also many other innovative bathroom designs and fixtures which minimize the energy usage in your bathroom while keeping everything clean and green. There are a few essential things to go through in this type of undertaking.

Cabinets & counters

There are a variety of materials for counter tops and cabinets which have low VOC ratings. VOC stands for volatile organic compound and is found (in high levels) in several man-made materials—these can be dangerous to your health and have long term effects in the environment. Materials such as wheatboard or recycled tile are good choices as they are beautiful and economical.


Proper ventilation will rid your bathroom of any excess moisture and airborne pollutants which, in turn, reduces the occurrence of mold. Consider vents with a timer which turns itself off in order to remove moisture properly while saving electricity consistently.


There are a number of toilets which use less water than standard models and there is also what is known as the composting toilet. A composting toilet recycles human wastes and turns it into a potent fertilizer. This type of toilet requires regular maintenance and may not be for everybody but it certainly is one of the most eco-friendly available today

Tankless Heaters

This is not included in many NYC bathroom remodeling projects because they are much more expensive than regular heaters. These, however, will easily pay for itself given enough time as it uses up to 25% less energy than regular heaters.


There are some new designs enjoying a bit of popularity within several homes in New York today. These designs in question utilizes a system which gather used water from showers, sinks, tubs, laundry areas, and recycle them for irrigation purposes or for flushing toilets. These, however, may not be included in typical NYC bathroom remodeling projects because of code jurisdictions. Consult your contractor to learn more about this.


To optimize efficiency, use fluorescent lights along with electronic ballasts. You can also choose to use halogen bulbs as well. A good idea would be to place windows whenever possible for natural light.

Although it requires some extra work, taking the time and effort to make your bathroom friendlier to the environment will not only help the state of the planet, it will also help save you a lot of money in the long run.

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