NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Frameless Shower Door

Posted on June 3, 2019

Trying to decide what to include in your bathroom remodeling plans? You may want to consider a frameless shower door. Most people limit their options to shower curtains, shower-tub combination, or a regular framed shower door. There are plenty of advantages that come with a frameless shower door; the following will be a few examples of such:

Enhanced design

A frameless shower door may improve your bathroom design, as it will blend in more seamlessly compared to shower curtains of framed shower doors.


A frameless shower door is usually made of thicker glass to improve the structure–making up for the lack of a supportive frame. The glass is normally one-quarter inch thick.


Frameless shower doors are also easier to clean in comparison to framed ones.


Some frameless shower doors give you the options to install hinges on either side.

Frameless shower doors, however, do have a few drawbacks. Consider the following before including them in your bathroom remodeling plans:


There is a tendency for frameless shower doors to cost more than their framed counterparts.


Compared to other options, frameless shower doors are more difficult to install and it is not recommended for DIY projects.


A framed shower door normally weighs between 35lbs to 55lbs whereas a frameless shower door ranges between 60lbs to 80lbs.

Aesthetically speaking, a frameless shower door may be your best choice. This is especially true for smaller bathrooms if you choose a transparent door since this makes use of every inch of space available to you to make the bathroom look as big as it can.

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