NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Improving Your Shower

Posted on March 30, 2019

Seeking to improve your shower space is a common reason to undergo NYC bathroom remodeling. Most people, however, have some problems with finding the right way to improve their shower. After all, changing your shower in any way will have an impact on the overall design and atmosphere of your bathroom. Not just the aesthetics but how you use the shower may change as well.

Getting a shower stall too large might make the bathroom seem more cramped and may seem unnecessary. Too small and it would be uncomfortable to use. The things you need to take into account is who will be using your new shower; how much space do you have for your shower; and what is your budget.

You will need to choose a style and design for your new shower as well as what accessories and features you want it to have. The showerhead, for example will not only have a distinct style, it will also determine what features your shower will have. Luckily, showerheads come in countless styles so you will definitely find one you like that will match or complement your bathroom’s design.

Consider also the design of your bathroom’s walls. NYC bathroom remodeling is all about making your bathroom as comfortable and appealing as possible for everybody using it. Take into account your bathroom’s shape, size, angles, and design to properly integrate your new shower.

You will also have to choose between framed or frameless shower stalls. Most NYC bathroom remodelers like to maximize the light within the bathroom with frameless showers. Though bear in mind that frameless showers are costlier than framed ones.

You will also have countless features to choose from such as multiple showerheads, steam showers, benches, etc. Try to find the perfect balance between features, atmosphere, and budget to bring out the ideal spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom.

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