NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Installing Tubs

Posted on March 30, 2019

One of the biggest challenges for people undergoing NYC bathroom remodeling having to install large fixtures – namely, tubs. Understandably, most people would bypass such difficulty by hiring contractors but there needs to be a clear idea of what they are about to go through and what their choices are before any work begins. By doing this, NYC bathroom remodeling is sure to go more smoothly and any unforeseen misunderstandings can be avoided.

Installing large fixtures in your bathroom, viz. the bathtub, will require the disposal of your current tub. Also, expect to have to replace some tiles that may get damaged in the process.

Most people should know that changing the position of their tub would be very costly work, as it will entail a lot of work with your pipes. The tub boxings would normally need to be replaced as well as your new tub is likely to be a different shape.

Attaching the feet of your new tub may also be a bit tricky. It is recommended to keep the tub in its original packaging in order to avoid scratching it. Take note of your floor, as there is a chance of it being uneven.

The taps will not be easy to install either. Try using a gasket between the tub and their base. When you’ve placed the top-hat washer, you will then need to tighten the back nut. This is when you can place a flexible pipe tap connector.

The wooden reinforcements of your tub must be placed below the feet to help steady the tub and avoid damaging the floor. The last step is to use waterproof sealing to ensure that the surrounding area will resist any water damage.

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