NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Invigorate Your Bathroom with Colors

Posted on September 23, 2019

Most bathrooms are given neutral colors because they are easy to work with and people tend to be afraid of experimenting with bold colors. It also has no poor effects on resale value because of the aforementioned reason. This, however, does not mean that you should also limit yourself to neutral colors when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

Neutral colors are slowly becoming a thing of the past as several bathroom remodeling services now often suggest being a bit bolder when it comes to color. Having certain colors around the bathroom help make it a more cheerful and relaxing place to be in.

To make really big changes to your bathroom, color the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the countertops of your bathroom; this alone will turn your bathroom into something else entirely. Bathroom remodeling costs will not be too high if all you do is paint and changing the color, if you happen to be dissatisfied, is also relatively inexpensive so you don’t really have to be worried about experimenting.

One good way to test out if your chosen colors will work out well without having to go through a full scale bathroom remodeling paint job is to purchase some cheap canvas boards and paint them with the colors you’ve chosen. You can now visualize the effect on your bathroom more clearly without having to actually paint the walls of your bathroom.

If you are not certain of which colors to use, try listing down the colors you are considering and pick the three you feel the most confident with. Another style you can try out, if you still aren’t up to bold, colorful changes, would be a monochromatic theme; paint the walls the same color as the floor and try to match the fixtures and accents around the bathroom with these colors.

Also try to aim for a specific theme – do you want a timeless design or something trendy and more “in”? Having a clear objective will make bathroom remodeling much simpler and easier to accomplish. NYC bathroom remodeling experts all have differing opinions on how to color your bathroom but the one thing they do agree on is that colors, if used right, will definitely have a dramatic effect on your bathroom and that if you ever find yourself regretting the decision, just paint it back – it is just paint, after all.

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