NYC Bathroom Remodeling Layout Options

Posted on April 4, 2019

One of the most important things to consider for your NYC bathroom remodeling project would be the layout. No matter how big or small your current bathroom is you can make it a comfortable and relaxing area if you have a good layout. Here are four commonly used layouts that you can consider for your NYC bathroom remodeling.

Wet wall

This layout will have all your fixtures against one wall in your bathroom. This layout is more efficient than it is comfortable as the installation of pipes and plumbing will be so much easier, and cheaper, because everything will be on one side.

U shape

The U shaped layout will work best for those with spacious square shaped bathrooms. This is one of the most flexible layouts as it lets you design your bathroom in numerous ways. The way this works is; you have your sink and vanity on one side; the toilet and cabinets on the other one; and the bathtub or shower placed on the back wall.


In this layout, you will place the sink or vanity on one side of your bathroom and the tub will be placed on the wall across. This layout will not work too well in cramped spaced.

L shape

This may be the most common layout used in NYC bathroom remodeling. This has the sink and the toilet placed on one wall while the tub or shower occupies the adjacent back wall. This works out well because the all the plumbing can still be placed on one wall while simultaneously maximizing space in your bathroom making this the practical choice.

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