Bathroom Remodeling: Limestone Luster

Posted on December 5, 2018

If you are having a difficult time deciding what type of material to use for your NYC bathroom remodeling, consider using limestone. There was once a time when limestone was considered to be a luxury material as it provided excellent durability along with striking visual appeal.

Limestone is generally cheaper now and is chosen over granite by most people. In fact, it is even cheaper than granite. Limestone is available in different varieties, sizes, and designs.

  • Limestone will blend in easily with nearly all NYC bathroom remodeling plans as it is neutral in design, easily mixing with other materials and other colors.
  • Popular choices for limestone colors are ivory, yellow, red, and brown. There are a different finishes available as well.
  • It is worth remembering that darker colored limestone has a tendency to have a slightly different composition with more crystals making them harder than light colored limestone.
  • Limestone can be used all around the bathrooms. It is a good material for counters, walls, and floors.
  • Take note that it is difficult to find limestone uniform in consistency and color. It is not uncommon to have to pay more for a more consistent supply.

Limestone is a great material to work with and can add a touch of class to your bathroom. It can be stronger than granite and can be used in all sorts of themes depending on its design.

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