NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Make your Bathroom Work for You

Posted on May 16, 2019

With our current technology, it is possible to incorporate futuristic elements in your NYC bathroom remodeling. If you have the money for it, it would definitely be in your best interest to include the following products to ensure a comfortable and convenient visit to the bathroom every single time.

Automatic bath filling system

A system like this can easily be installed in most bathtubs. If you so choose, you can even integrate its control system with other control ports. When you include an automatic bath filling system in your NYC bathroom remodeling, you will be guaranteed the right amount of water and temperature within your bathtub every time.

This system will also adjust the water pressure fluctuations to your liking. One last bonus with this system is that it is energy efficient.

Automatic exhaust and lighting

Installing exhaust fans controlled by automatic timers will make sure the air within your bathroom is free of any foul odors and will keep the hygiene in the room at comfortable levels. Automatic lighting systems will activate whenever you enter your bathroom and you will also have different lighting choices to suit your mood. At the touch of a switch, the atmosphere in your bathroom can be immediately altered to your fancy.

Mirrors that double as TVs

To fully enjoy your long relaxing soak in the tub, why not watch a movie through your mirrors. There may be no better or more private way to unwind. For more info on TV in your mirrors, see this previous article.

These are just a few things you can include in your NYC bathroom remodeling. There are several other futuristic products that may catch your attention such as strategically placed speakers controlled via remote to play listen to your favorite music. It is a well-known fact that sound travels better within bathrooms because they bounce off ceramic tiles better than they do on regular walls.

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