NYC Bathroom Remodeling: The Medicine Cabinet

Posted on December 29, 2018

Those of you who are considering NYC bathroom remodeling plans should take their medicine cabinet into account. A medicine cabinet, just like other cabinets, has a tendency to become disorganized but it sees more use than a regular cabinet. Another problem is that it is commonly opened by guests and the inside of any cabinet will leave an impression.

You will want to keep your medicine cabinet organized, easy to navigate, and presentable; especially if you have people over often. This is commonly the place to keep emergency medical kits and medicine along with tools for hygiene so taking a little extra time to make it look better and be more efficient will definitely be in your best interests.

So how big of a medicine cabinet do you really need? If you are the type who has a hard time throwing things away then including a larger medicine cabinet would be ideal. To make it easier to navigate, make sure to add divisions within them in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

If you are looking to maximize space within your bathroom then the best way to go would be to conceal the length off your medicine cabinet within the wall of your bathroom. This way, you get a large space for storage without having your mirror jutting too far into the foreground.

Another thing to take into consideration would be how your medicine cabinet is accessed. Commonly, they open like a cupboard or cabinet but there are innovative alternative solutions to this which you may want to look into.

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