NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Mirror Lighting

Posted on December 13, 2018

Lighting inside a bathroom is of utmost importance to NYC bathroom remodeling. Taking the make sure the bathroom is lit properly can truly enhance its overall appeal. It can highlight any of the bathrooms strengths while dimming out its weaknesses but most importantly; the lighting around the mirror will have a dramatic effect on your reflection.


Ideally, the light in your bathroom should be placed in a way that will not cast any shadows and will focus mostly on your face. There are several ways and lighting solutions that can be used to achieve this effect so you are left with choosing what sort of lighting design you like.

There are plenty of ways to place light around a mirror but lighting fixtures are normally placed next to the mirror, on top of the mirror, or directly above the mirror and on the ceiling.

Next to the mirror

The ideal lighting in this area would be sconces. These give out perfect coverage and will not cast shadows around on your reflection. Try to take into account your own height when installing these. These are commonly place 60 inches from the floor.

On top of the mirror

There are some lighting solutions designed to fit in this certain area. These offer excellent lighting and will definitely improve the atmosphere in the bathroom.

The ceiling above the mirror

These are placed to illuminate the entire area around the mirror and are sometimes the main source of light for the mirror in some bathrooms. While they may work alone, it is best to place lighting around the mirror and treat this as secondary lighting for the mirror.

Be careful when placing fixtures directly on the mirror itself as some fixtures may not have look to good reflecting their backside. If you choose to do this, try to pick a design whose reflection will be polished so as to keep from spoiling the mirror’s appearance.

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