NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Sink Statements

Posted on April 19, 2019

Sinks or washbasins were once simple fixtures and people did not have many options when it came to design. Today, however, NYC bathroom remodeling now places plenty of focus on the sinks.

There are currently several different designs available for sinks and there is also a strong demand for custom-made sinks as well. Designs range from vessel, under-counter, pedestal, wall-hung, mosaic, etc. and are all available in different kinds of materials such as, wood, stone, glass, and metal just to name a few.

Sinks work well as focal points when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans since they are mostly sophisticated and complex designs that work to catch your attention.

There are practical issues you should always keep in mind when choosing a new sink such as the space you have to work with as well as how you will position it to better fit the needs of those using the bathroom. You will also have to think about how you will space the faucets to match the mounting holes of your chosen sink. Color should be carefully chosen as well; bright colors catch attention whereas lighter more subtle colors blend into the background.

As aforementioned, custom-made sinks are more popular now and are seen in many NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Choosing to install a sink like this will give your bathroom a unique feel that will complement your bathroom to a degree that cannot be matched.

One simple reminder: choosing the material of your sink should not only depend how appealing it looks as the material of the sink will also determine how you will maintain it. Some require more maintenance than others.

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