NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Soundproof

Posted on April 10, 2019

The bathroom is supposed to be the one room in your home to truly be private. It should be a relaxing area with an atmosphere that encourages tranquility and serene harmony. In crowded homes, however, it may be difficult to avoid hearing the noise outside. Which is exactly why you should consider adding soundproofing to your NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

You need to look at the design of your bathroom walls and see how they are constructed. If you are replacing the walls, then the best way to soundproof your bathroom would be to install a false wall within the wall.

One other way is to use a sound insulation board on the wall studs before actually placing the boards. This is not as effective as the prior method but it is much cheaper and easier to install.

The simplest way to reduce sound from entering your bathroom would be to use standard insulation and place it in between stud cavities. The effects of this are not too pronounced but it will help a little.

Consult your NYC bathroom remodeling expert about the matter to learn more about the different methods. Your budget will be what determines what your options are for soundproofing.

One other thing you could do to improve the soundproofing would be to change the layout of your bathroom. The layout actually affects how noise enters your bathroom. You shouldn’t place the bathroom door directly across any other door. If you can, place cabinets near the entrance to absorb sound. It would also be in your best interests to seal any cracks on the floor or the walls surrounding the bathroom. Try to cover water pipes with insulation too, as this reduces sound. Many different small adjustments can accumulate to how soundproof your bathroom will be.

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