NYC Bathroom Remodeling: spacious layouts

Posted on February 23, 2019

Making NYC bathroom remodeling plans can be a tough and complex undertaking, the best way to find the ideal layout that will work for you will be to see different layouts for yourself in order to appreciate the detail and precision involved. Ask your contractor about different layout plans and see if they can show you a few sample plans.

The first couple of layout plans you make or consider should be drafts of what your bathroom will look after all the work is finished. It is very important to take note of all the measurements so that you know what fixtures and features your bathroom will be able to have.


You will know what your options are when you know exactly how much space you have. To keep your bathroom spacious, install shower stalls rather than tubs.

Keeping your bathroom spacious will leave room for shelves or counters that you can use for storage. Make sure you have adequate storage in your bathroom so that you can keep it free from clutter. You can also use the extra space for accents and decorations.

Another way to save space in your bathroom would be to install wall-hung toilets with concealed cisterns. These kinds of toilets will take up about half the space of a regular toilet and are also neater than most other toilets.

Making your bathroom more spacious and using that space effectively can drastically improve your bathrooms atmosphere. When making NYC bathroom remodeling plans, make sure to think about the space in your bathroom.

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