NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Special Needs

Posted on October 24, 2019

Going to the bathroom is something nearly everybody takes for granted. People go into the bathroom several times a day and finish up without giving it much thought. This is why tackling NYC bathroom remodeling projects tends to become an even more complicated affair when we factor in the special needs and requirements of the elderly or the physically challenged.

Losing the ability to use your legs will lead to dealing with all sorts of new problems. Something as simple as going to the bathroom will become a difficult task. Thankfully, there are fixtures for bathrooms which have persons with disabilities in mind. When looking to remodel your bathroom to cater to the needs of the physically challenged, it is certainly a good idea to enlist the help of an accredited NYC bathroom remodeling expert as they are well-versed in the different kinds of helpful fixtures available.

For people who are bound upon wheelchairs, the bathroom remodeling will have to focus on having enough floor space to move around comfortably. There are some toilets which can be mounted easily from a wheelchair which makes things easier and less like a chore.

You don’t necessarily have to undergo extensive NYC bathroom remodeling to make your bathroom more usable to the physically challenged. There are several modifications and additions which can be affixed upon standard bathroom fixtures that can also ease bathroom usage. Something like handrails placed in certain areas can be appreciated more than you think.

Another thing to consider would be the height of certain objects like shelves. It does not take much work to adjust the height of shelves within your bathroom to keep things within reach. Something like this may seem trivial to the average person but it can make a real difference to a lot of people.

The most noticeable changes you may need to make may be removing counter space or changing the overall layout to make moving around the bathroom easier. As aforementioned, there are also fixtures which can be extra convenient for the wheelchair bound such as a bidet or modified shower area.

Using the bathroom should never be seen as difficult and should be a relaxing and comfortable place for everybody. Remodeling it to cater to special needs should definitely be a priority in order to avoid accidents as well as maintain a certain quality of life.

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