NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Tile Maintenance

Posted on March 9, 2019

A portion of your bathroom maintenance will always go to checking on the condition of your tiles. There are different ways to check the degree of damage on your tiles and there are also several factors you will need to take into account. Such factors can include poor installation, or poor surroundings.

Before going all out and making NYC bathroom remodeling plans, check to see if the damage is minimal to see if you can handle it on your own. Be it loose tiles, unsightly cracks, chipped edges, or a wrecked tile, all it really needs is a common patch up to have it looking as good as new.


The tools required to replace a tile would be a chisel, a hammer, adhesive, tile spreader, grout, grout remover, and a replacement for the offending tile.

First off, clean the surrounding area of the tile to be replaced and use the grout remover. Afterwards extricate the tile and the adhesive surrounding it using the chisel and hammer. Once the tile is removed, place new adhesive and then cover it with the new tile. It will take around a day for it to properly set.

The last step is to apply grout around the new tile. Use grout that matches the grout already in your bathroom. Wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.


To repair a chipped tile you will need a paintbrush, primer, and transparent epoxy. Start of by cleaning the surrounding area and then dry it off. Be sure not to damage any tile near the broken one by making a border surrounding the tile. Use a little bit of primer on the damaged part and then, with a matching color, paint the tile. Once dry, filled up the indentation with transparent epoxy.


For loose tiles, you will need to drill small holes on the corners of the grout of the loose tile. Then, using a special syringe, place epoxy below the loose tile and wait for it to set. The last step is to place grout over the holes.

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