NYC Bathroom Remodeling: Toilet Thinking Time

Posted on October 21, 2019

People undertaking NYC bathroom remodeling do not really think much about their new toilet. When choosing a new toilet, people have a tendency to choose what they think looks nice and forget about the other features of the toilet. So long as it looks fine and works well, that is enough.

But choosing a toilet should entail more than looking at aesthetics. Of course that is a very important factor but consider the fact that there have been people who purchased toilets on looks alone and then had to deal with problems concerning weak water flow which resulted in having to use the plunger more often than not. Another concern most people do not take into account would be water overflowing from toilets. – A nightmare for the typical homeowner.

Majority of toilets found within homes in New York are gravity toilets. These are standard toilets which utilize simple laws of gravity to flush. This type of toilet uses an average of two gallons each time it is flushed – considerably more than newer models of toilets.

NYC bathroom remodeling experts are knowledgeable in the different types of toilets available and it would definitely be relevant to your interests to learn more about them so as to know exactly what you are paying for and so that you can find the toilet most ideal for you.

What may be the most important factor about a toilet is its water flow. Recently, people have become more aware of global warming and its implications; with this in mind, everything around us is adjusting to better fit today’s weary lifestyle.

As aforementioned, NYC bathroom remodeling experts know about the different types of toilets available and will definitely be able to help you choose a toilet that is not only easy on the eyes but also efficient and easy on the planet.

Low flow toilet

This type of toilet uses roughly half the amount of water a standard toilet normally would per flush; this typically saves the average home about 20,000 gallons of water a year. However, one must be wary when choosing this type of toilet as many older models are known for being difficult to flush and for clogging often.

There are many newer low flow toilets that have addressed this issue though so this type of toilet should still be kept as a possible option. It would be best to consult your contractor when choosing a low flow toilet model.

Composting toilet

This type of toilet is not too popular with most people but those of you who are serious about reducing your carbon footprint and are making sure that their waste production is kept at a minimum may want to consider this type of toilet. A composting toilet is a toilet which will recycle your “waste” and turn it into a potent fertilizer.

It uses less water than a low flow toilet but will require some extra equipment along with common maintenance to ensure it is kept in sanitary working order and to prevent any foul odors from manifesting.

Dual flush toilet

This kind of toilet is gaining popularity within many homes. A dual flush toilet has, instead of one level for flushing, two buttons to choose from. One button would use half a tank of water while the other would use a whole one. This saves a lot of money and minimizes the amount of water wasted by giving the choice to use just as much water as needed.

Once you have chosen what type of toilet to install, consult your NYC bathroom remodeling expert as to what design would complement your new bathroom and the best way to install it for an efficient layout and comfortable atmosphere.

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