NYC Bathroom Remodeling and Wood Counters

Posted on March 22, 2019

While popular as a material of choice for several parts of your home, most people would never consider using wood on counters for their NYC bathroom renovation . This is usually because people think wood would never last so they immediately scratch it off their list of possible options.

But wood can be sealed in a way that will make it perfect for the bathroom. While it does need to be resealed once in a while, you should not deny yourself the option of using wood for NYC bathroom remodeling. Think about it, wood comes in a wide variety of colors; is a flexible and versatile material that can be used as either decorative piece or set the entire theme; and can provide a unique presence in your bathroom that no other material could imitate.

Wood countertops used in NYC bathroom remodeling can resist heat; will not scratch; and, most importantly, is waterproof. All you will need to seal it properly once in a while is marine quality polyurethane varnish – and be sure to get the corners as these are the most vulnerable areas.

Keep in mind that you should use wood of high quality if you plan on using it in your bathroom as these will definitely last longer. Be prepared to spend somewhere around $60 per linear foot for your NYC bathroom remodeling.

You should not deny yourself the luxury of having wooden counters in your bathroom as they do not need more maintenance than your average countertop. It will certainly make your bathroom standout from most other bathrooms and may even serve as a focal point or complement the overall design; it all depends on how you use it.

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