NYC Bathroom Renovation: Go Green

Posted on May 23, 2019

For lots of people, going green is like a living a new life. Including green solutions in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans means more than just saving some money in the long run. It also helps some people feel better about how they are treating the planet and helps gives a comforting sense of pride in their choice.

There are plenty of green solutions and alternatives for NYC bathroom remodeling. You can do your part to decrease your carbon footprint by simply choosing different fixtures that conserve more water. These fixtures are a lot easier to find as of late as manufacturers are also seeing the benefits of going green as well as supplying a growing demand.

Switching to low pressure water fixtures will definitely save you thousands of gallons of water every year. Another thing to include for your NYC bathroom remodeling is proper ventilation. It should be noted that bathrooms can become unhealthy environments if it does not have good ventilation. Bathrooms are usually hot and humid rooms, ideal conditions for mold and bacteria.

You will need to lower the VOC content in your bathroom as this can cause health complications. Be sure to ask about the building materials used during the renovation. Also buy cabinets, accents, and fixtures that have low VOC content. Regular cabinets and such may slowly release VOCs for over 15 years since they contain urea-formaldehyde.

There are plenty of alternative materials for just about everything ranging from the floors, the walls, the sinks, the tubs, et cetera. Make it a habit to check the label and information on whatever you purchase to see if the amount of VOCs they contain.

Anybody can make a difference. The more you conserve, the more you are helping our planet.

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