NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Choosing Faucets

Posted on January 5, 2019

When making NYC kitchen remodeling plans, some people like to make professional additions to be able to use their kitchen like a master chef. The most commonly focused items are the cooktops, ovens, work surfaces, appliances, and the faucet. There are a lot of different kinds of faucets available and you should think about it carefully before choosing restaurant style sinks and faucets because they may undermine the professional theme of your kitchen if executed poorly.

Sure the big faucets with high pressure pull out sprays look cool but these are designed for kitchens that have to serve hundreds of guests per day. These are usually encumbering and may not be used as often as you’d like. It would be better to include faucets which have a more ergonomic design which will not overwhelm your kitchen in your NYC kitchen remodeling plans.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must not cheap out on a faucet. This is especially true if you decided to splurge on the counter next to it. Cheaper faucets tend to break more often than their higher quality counterparts and fixing them may require having to take your counter apart or worse, having to replace the counter due to water damage.

You will also have to choose how big your sink should be. Some people say double sinks are more often useful but some would argue that a single large sink is much more practical as you can fit in larger items on their and wash them with ease.

One last piece of advice, as was mentioned earlier, pick a faucet based on efficiency and design that matches how you work in your kitchen. It would not be too smart to include an extendable pot filler faucet in your NYC kitchen remodeling plans unless you are the type who cooks pasta often.

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