NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Countertop Considerations

Posted on November 23, 2018

While most people tend to choose a countertop on just looks alone, there are many other factors that must be considered. Characteristics like durability, maintenance requirements, and cost should be taken into account whenever doing plans for remodeling a kitchen.

The ideal counter

There are different counters for different needs. Kitchens that will see a lot of meals prepared over them may benefit from professional style stainless steel; granite should work well with most kitchens; and those who don’t have a big budget may want to consider a laminate countertop.


Most people already have an idea of what they want their counter to look like. This actually does make choosing a countertop easier. Don’t go with first one you see, find out what the advantages to that certain material is and see if it will work out for your needs. Don’t worry if it doesn’t there is likely to be a countertop similar in appearance with different characteristics.

There are also different finishes available which can alter the look and feel of the counter. Take note of the certain advantages and disadvantages of countertops. Some are so tough that a bullet wouldn’t damage it but they are susceptible to hot pans.

Wooden countertops look cozy and any surface damage can be sanded down but these need to be oiled and sealed once in awhile to maintain quality.


The edges of your countertop can make dramatic statement in your kitchen. There are all sorts of designs for the corners and it’s a great addition to the overall look of your kitchen. The available designs will depend on what sort of material you use for your countertop.


If you are having a difficult time picking out one material then you can try experimenting with multiple ones. A few bold homeowners have tried it and have achieved good results. You can try out one material for the kitchen island and another for the counters. It is all up to you. Just be sure to consult an expert on the matter to be certain that everything will match and complement each other for ideal visual appeal.

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