NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Easy Color Themes

Posted on December 14, 2018

Choosing how to color your kitchen can be quite the task. There are so many ways to go about it that it becomes difficult to pick the correct color. But really, there is no correct color; many colors can be combined in a way that can be ideal for your kitchen. Below are a few simple tried and tested ways you can tackle your NYC kitchen remodeling color theme.

Simple white

It’s neutral and will always work. White can work in any room and almost on anything. It gives a sense of cleanliness and space. The downside, however, is that it can be plain, and any dirt that gets on it is immediately noticed.


When you have wooden cabinets, it is generally a good idea to paint the walls a lighter color than that found on the wood. But if your wooden cabinet are already a light color then it would be a good idea to paint the walls a warm color like chestnut for contrast.

Non permanent changes

If you aren’t prepared to make lasting changes in your NYC kitchen remodeling and want to keep things neutral but still want a more lively look then changing the color in certain areas is the way to go. Start with the curtains on windows or any decorative pieces you may have in the kitchen. Adding baskets of fruit is a great way to liven up the area with vibrant color.

Your gut feeling

A lot of times, people won’t really be satisfied with following the advice on others, especially when it comes to something as personal as changing parts of one’s home. At times like these it may be best to really go with your gut and go for the changes you are looking for. It is your house after all and it will be you who will frequent the kitchen the most often.

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