NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Ergonomic Design

Posted on October 27, 2019

A number of NYC kitchen remodeling experts are focusing on remodeling a kitchen to tailor fit the exact needs of their clients. The focus is not just on visually appealing kitchens but also on functional kitchens designed to be as efficient as possible to its owners.

Through careful planning along with handpicked appliances and fixtures, your kitchen can be designed to maximize comfort along with ergonomic practicality making your kitchen both beautiful and easy to work in.


All NYC kitchen remodeling experts will give serious considerations to the countertops and kitchen islands. But most people don’t even think about the height of their counters. To make your kitchen more intuitive, adjust the height of your counters to match your body rather than forcing yourself to get used to the counters.


To make things easier to find and organize avoid using cupboards in certain areas and install large drawers for specific items like plates, pots, and pans instead. Drawers allow you to pick out what you need without having to awkwardly reach into a deep space.


Before approving the design and layout for your kitchen, picture yourself cooking a large meal in that kitchen. Try to envision if any of the cabinets get in the way of a smooth workflow if left open. Also: consider installing lazy susans within cabinets to make it easier to find and store things to ensure that nothing is left to rot within deep recesses of cabinets.

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