NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Brief Flooring Guide

Posted on November 2, 2018

The floor surrounding a kitchen has to be more than durable; it should serve as a practical surface that serves to enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen as well. There are tons of different options to choose from and the flooring you choose will have a dramatic effect on the visual appeal of you kitchen. The sheer number of materials, colors, and textures available makes NYC kitchen remodeling a difficult affair.

  • For kitchens that regularly receive heavy traffic from the several occupants at home, stone or tile materials are recommended. Stone or tile are very durable and are commonly used in several NYC kitchen remodeling projects. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and styles along with embellished borders for an added flair.
  • For a traditional old world look, limestone is the way to go. Be wary though as limestone sealed properly upon installation and must be resealed every six months.
  • One other good flooring option would be cork. Cork is a versatile and durable material which is available in a lot of different colors. The biggest advantage of cork would be the fact that it resists water and works well in reducing noise upon impact.
  • Vinyl is a great choice for people following a strict budget. These are available in both sheets and tiles and are offered in many different designs and colors.
  • A long time favorite of NYC kitchen remodeling experts, wood is still commonly found in several kitchens in New York today. It offers a very classy look and is also ideal when it comes to dealing with heavy traffic and stains.

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