Kitchen Remodeling: Fooling the Eye

Posted on October 18, 2019

A common problem with many kitchens is that several of them tend to be very messy. It may not start out like this in the beginning, i.e. when you first move in, but the longer you stay within your home, the more things you tend to collect and kitchen tools are no exception. Many people have difficulty in throwing something away even though they barely use them. Everybody knows at least one person who owns three can openers but only uses one.

A variant of this problem though is having many useful kitchen items but never being able to find them immediately whenever they are needed. Messy kitchens are poorly organized kitchens and NYC kitchen remodeling experts have many solutions to these kinds of problems.

To tackle such a problem, start with your kitchen tools. Take out all your kitchen items and make an inventory of everything found in your kitchen. Afterwards, throw away whatever you have doubles of as well as those things that you never ever use.

If you are like your typical homeowner then it is likely that you still have a lot of things and not enough space to keep them all. NYC kitchen remodeling experts utilize several design techniques which will increase the storage capacity of your kitchen in an efficient manner while installing a new look or theme which will prevent your kitchen from appearing messy.

To improve the overall look of the kitchen, NYC kitchen remodeling contractors can implement a seamless design of cupboards and cabinets that matches and complements other kitchen fixtures to provide a smooth flow throughout the whole kitchen making it appear neat and organized. Appliances such as ovens or microwaves can either be hidden from view by placing the same design used on the cabinets upon the doors which hide them or have tailor made areas specifically designed to not leave any gaps in space to promote a continuous flow. If you find the working area to be crowded at times then you can choose to install a hidden worktop which folds into a drawer.

There are even more ways to improve storage capacity within your kitchen. Here are a few fixtures you can install in your kitchen along with a few tips to help store everything in your kitchen efficiently.

  • Rotating corner cabinets to be certain that whatever is placed in the deepest compartment will see the light of day once more.
  • Multiple tier shelves within cupboard and cabinet doors.
  • Cabinet compartments with specific measurements to store only specific items for easy classification and storing.
  • Strategically positioned shelves and racks both inside cabinets and within plain sight.
  • Designating fixtures to cater only to specific items.
  • Drawer divisions to prevent utensils and other items from scattering.
  • Integrated refrigerators fitted into drawer spaces

NYC kitchen remodeling tends to keep things within kitchens minimalistic — color can be used to achieve dramatic effects. You don’t want too many different things coming at you when you look at or work within your kitchen. When choosing colors for your kitchen, keeping a stable and minimalist theme will give the illusion of a relaxing uncluttered workspace; pair this  with efficiently designing the kitchen in a way which makes reaching for certain objects easy and hassle-free to achieve life-changing results.

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