NYC Kitchen Remodeling & Induction Cooking

Posted on March 20, 2019

Induction cooking is a relatively new way of preparing food that is quickly catching on and can be seen in many NYC kitchen remodeling plans. Induction cooktops is a method of cooking wherein only the pan (or pot) and its contents are heated up and the area around the pan remains at room temperature.

It is an energy efficient way of cooking and cuts off around 20% of your household energy consumption. Other than the benefits of saving energy, induction cooktops are also much safer since there is no fire and the heating process is stopped when the pan is removed. You could place your hand directly on the induction cooktop and not feel any warmth, definitely safer for households with children.

Induction cooktops can also be more finely tuned than regular stoves, viz. they come with an easy-to-use control pad which can set the temperature allowing for a steady low simmer or medium high heat. Since they are a solid flat surface, they are also very easy to clean. No disassembly necessary unlike traditional stoves.

The biggest problem of induction cooking, however, is that it is more expensive than conventional stoves. But since most people who undergo NYC kitchen remodeling are usually looking for improvements, rather than cheap replacements, the price becomes easier to overcome.

One other problem is that it will only work with steel pots and pans. But, as aforementioned, most people do not really mind purchasing new cookware when going through NYC kitchen renovation as it makes everything in the kitchen seem new.

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