NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Lighting Checklist

Posted on November 23, 2018

For a lot of people, lighting is commonly overlooked whenever making plans for remodeling and is often cut from the budget to make way for other things. Most people forget that a kitchen needs proper lighting in order to be utilized properly and to highlight its most beautiful aspects. Properly lighting a kitchen involves factoring in the architectural details of the whole kitchen.

Avoid utilizing a single light source

The most common mistake people make with kitchen lighting is using a single large light source in the middle of the kitchen for the whole room. A lot of people commit this mistake and while there is a way to make this work, most people do it wrong.

What happens is the kitchen will be too bright in some areas and other parts around the kitchen will cast distracting shadows.

Consider layers of light

Layers of light is the right way light your kitchen. Not only is it relatively easy to do but you can also create different effects this way. Consider the following type of light:

Task lighting

This will be the most important light in your kitchen. You will need this for all sorts of prep work like chopping and preparing ingredients.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting will give your kitchen some extra flair and character.

Ambient lighting

This will generate an all-encompassing glow in your kitchen. It will give you the option to add soft shadows whenever you want and will definitely make your kitchen cozier.

Adjustable lighting

With this many lights, it would definitely be in your best interests to add a dimmer switch to change the mood of your kitchen. Brighten up your kitchen to make cooking easier and then dim the lights for a better ambiance while dining.

Consult designers

Consult an expert to ensure that the money you spend lighting your kitchen is done properly and that it doesn’t seem out of place. It should highlight the beautiful parts of your kitchen and make it a visually appealing, and comfortable place to work in.

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