NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Luxury Additions

Posted on November 23, 2018

This is for those of you who are remodeling their kitchen but aren’t sure about what to add. Provided, you are prepared to spend a decent amount of money, there are many things you may want to consider placing that will improve the atmosphere and ambiance of your kitchen and make it a lot easier to prepare meals in them.

The most important thing to remember is that you must design your kitchen for your own needs. It must turn in a space that makes you happy. The average person spends a good amount of their time in their kitchen so it would be best to make the kitchen a more upbeat area of your house.

Two sinks

If you are used to having a lot of people over then you will immediately see the benefit of installing two sinks. This is practical in a lot of ways as the second sink is a functional space where guests can wash their hands before meals instead of crowding the bathroom while the host is utilizing the other sink.

Counter space

In most kitchens, you never seem to have enough counter space while preparing big meals. Spending some money to make your counters larger is not only functional but it will make your kitchen much more visually appealing as well.

Personal additions

Since you will be spending a good amount of time in your kitchen each day, you will want to make it cozier and less like a work area. Allow some areas for artwork you like or accents to design your kitchen just the way you like it. This won’t cost much and it will make working in the kitchen more pleasant.

Walk-in pantry

This would be the very practical luxury. If your space and budget allow it, installing a walk in pantry would have to added in your renovation plans. This will give you plenty of extra storage for just about anything and it will all be very easy to find. You won’t need to dig around in deep cabinets or drawers. This will also lessen the necessity of installing several drawers around the kitchen letting you use that space for something else.

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