NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Mexican Theme

Posted on November 17, 2018

NYC kitchen remodeling is heavily influenced by the theme chosen by the homeowner. The advantage of choosing a Mexican theme is that it adds flair to the kitchen with vivid colors and a distinct tile pattern.

To properly implement a Mexican theme, paint your kitchen cabinets carmine red and the hallway cornflower blue. Fit the upper parts of your cabinets with a shutter of frosted glass to amplify the effect. Install lighting within cabinets as well to enhance the look and the efficiency of your kitchen.

Mexican themes are comprised primarily with bright attention grabbing colors. Needless to say it can be a bit tricky to pull off properly. A botched theme will end up looking tacky so it would be best to try testing out if the chosen colors will work out as well as you hope they will. Consult with an accredited NYC kitchen remodeling expert to ensure that everything matches before any major work is done.

For a backsplash, Talavera would be a good choice to truly liven up your kitchen and give it some extra character. Use wood to line the edges to give it a neat frame and have it properly lit to make the working area easy to cook in.

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