NYC kitchen remodeling: Open Floor Plans

Posted on September 22, 2019

Space is a luxury in New York; which is exactly why majority of NYC kitchen remodeling projects focus heavily on maximizing the space available. NYC kitchen designers have several methods and techniques to make any available space seem larger and one way of doing this is by employing open floor plans for kitchens.

The average kitchen remodeling company, however, would always mention to their clients that an open kitchen floor plan is not for everybody. To determine whether or not this sort of layout will work for you, you have to consider the following before tackling your NYC kitchen remodeling project:

How neat is your home?

An advantage of having an open floor kitchen plan is that it connects rooms within your home. If things are generally kept tidy, then this layout will work out well. If, however, you or other occupants of your home tend not to clean up after themselves, then an open kitchen floor plan may work against you as it will make the kitchen space seem messy.

Have kids?

A problem for many parents is keeping their kids from harming themselves. Having an open kitchen floor plan will allow parents to prepare meals while keeping their children in sight. This is certainly something to look into as it can save you from a lot of headaches and accidental injuries.

How do you cope with noise?

Those who enjoy listening to music at home will love open floor plans as sound tends to travel better. However, be prepared to have this backfire on you if you live in a crowded home as you may find it difficult to concentrate on your cooking while trying to ignore all the noise that your family is making in the other room.

Have guests over often?

Do you often see your home filled with your friends and relatives? An open floor plan is perfect for homes that are frequently visited. The extra space will certainly make things a lot more comfortable and entertaining guests will be exponentially easier.

How big is your home?

Those of you who live in small homes will definitely benefit from open kitchen floor plans as it will make use of every inch of space available to you. Your kitchen will be much less cramped and the roomy feeling will give you comfortable breathing space.

Open floor kitchen plans are great for those trying to keep kitchen remodeling cost low as well. Be sure to discuss things over with NYC kitchen designers as they can help you decide whether or not an open kitchen floor plan is right for you.

NYC kitchen remodeling projects are important investments and must be given serious thought. Contact and avail of free consultation advice to help speed things up and be a step closer to the kitchen of your dreams.

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