NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Open Kitchen

Posted on October 11, 2019

Kitchens are the busiest areas within most homes and opting to get NYC kitchen remodeling done to achieve an open kitchen layout will truly change how the kitchen works and feels.  Open kitchen floor plans tend to factor in and balance out cooking and eating along with the living space to add value to your home as well as give you more quality time with your family. Open kitchen floor plans are rising in popularity and can be seen in several homes around New York; the space it opens is normally used for more than just eating and will also fit in better with contemporary lifestyles as opposed to formal dining areas.

When trying to decide a proper layout for your kitchen, be sure to have means to separate distinct areas. A good layout will keep the guests out of the way during food preparation but will also have them close enough for meaningful conversations.  One good way to divide the eating area from the cooking area is with a kitchen island. Depending on the shape of your chosen kitchen island, you may be able to put in a breakfast bar or even a backsplash which would be useful for keeping clutter out of sight.

Another great way to distinguish areas is by placing the dining table within close proximity to natural light. Place the dining table by a window and if your space permits it, try putting a focal point like sofa with a coffee table. When arranging the dining area, you have to make it so that space is not restricted to allow people to push their chairs back and move around easily without banging into things.

To further distinguish the kitchen from the dining, install different lighting for each area. Install task lighting within the kitchen and dimmer lighting within the dining area. Place droplights in the dining area to further improve the atmosphere.

Keep in mind that NYC kitchen remodeling projects which utilize open floor kitchens tend to be heavily trafficked so it must be designed in a way that is easy to clean and maintain. If you are using upholstered chairs, use ones with removable covers for easy cleaning in the event of spillage. On that note, avoid using any kind of carpet to save yourself the inevitable cleaning expense.

Employing open kitchen layouts will make it easier for the aroma of cooking food to spread throughout your house. This might be welcomed within living rooms but it does not work so well within bedrooms. Be sure to include proper ventilation with your NYC kitchen remodeling plans to keep smells at bay.

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