NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Replacing faucets

Posted on January 5, 2019

Faucets are important but overlooked in almost every kitchen. You can’t call a kitchen a kitchen if it didn’t have a faucet. In many homes, faucets are not given much thought and are basically taken for granted. Their importance is really felt whenever they break, which almost crippling the kitchen.

This is easily fixed by calling a plumber over to get it back in working order but before doing so, you may want to take the this opportunity to replace your faucet for something more up to date.

Making plans to remodel your kitchen is a big decision and a lot of people hesitate to do so for a number of reasons. If you dabble on the idea of NYC kitchen remodeling often, then having your faucet break on you may just be that push you needed to begin making a few changes around the kitchen.

You need not make dramatic changes but this would be the perfect time to update a few small things in your kitchen here and there. Shop around for different faucet types as there are lots of designs and functions available; here are a few examples.

  • Faucets which come with pull spray nozzles to help with washing out items with more precision.
  • Cartridge faucets which allow you to control the water pressure and flow rate.
  • Ball faucets which let you switch between hot and cold temperatures quickly.
  • Disc operation faucets which are easy to use and are more durable than normal faucets.

You will also have a plethora of different designs and different materials to choose from. Switching from stainless steel to brass can make a noticeable impact in your kitchen décor especially if you add matching accents around the kitchen to freshen it up.

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