NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Safety In The Kitchen

Posted on December 14, 2018

The kitchen is the most heavily trafficked room in the entire house. Because of its nature, accidents are very common in the kitchen. This is the very reason safety should definitely be a priority when it comes to NYC kitchen remodeling.


Dim areas are just accidents waiting to happen. Providing proper lighting will greatly decrease the likelihood of accidents within the kitchen.

Fire extinguisher

Always be prepared. The kitchen is the most common area in the house for fires to start in. Have an extinguisher ready within reach and make sure everybody knows where it is.


If possible, choose to install slip resistant flooring. There are a number of different kinds available in all sorts of materials.

Outlet positioning

When making NYC kitchen remodeling plans, take note of the position of your outlets. Always keep them as far away as possible from areas you know will be wet.

Temperature regulator

Getting scalded by hot water happens more often than you think. Installing regulators on faucets will help ensure injuries are kept at a minimum.

Floor plan

Consider the floor plans on your NYC kitchen remodeling project. In a crowded home, people will frequently pass in and out of the kitchen. Avoid putting the cooktop neat the entrance of your kitchen.

Microwave height

The microwave is used very often. It is also used during odd hours of the evening so it is best to keep it at a convenient height.


Minimize or eliminate all sharp edges and corners around your kitchen. This will not hurt the design and will make it safer overall.

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