NYC Kitchen Remodeling on a Small Budget

Posted on November 10, 2018

The average NYC kitchen remodeling project costs around $25,000 to $35,000 with varying results depending on the contractor and on the client. But it is possible to achieve big results for your kitchen for less than $4,000. There are plenty of improvements you can do on your kitchen on your own and while a lot of these are minor improvements, they can easily add up to the overall improvement of your kitchen.

  • Take the time to clear out your kitchen of anything unnecessary to free up more space and to get rid of things you don’t really need.
  • Update the colors around your kitchen. Look for color combinations that you like and use them on your kitchen.

Once you have taken care of the little stuff around the kitchen, the next thing you should tackle would be the lighting. As any accredited NYC kitchen remodeling expert can tell you, proper lighting can greatly improve any kitchen. It is a very cost-effective change that would be in your best interest to concentrate on.

Try installing monorail track system lighting that can be mounted on the ceiling and easily connected to the current wiring. These can come in different prices but a complete set can be purchased for as low as $200.

For task lighting improvement, install halogen or fluorescent lighting strips underneath cabinets; these can cost about $50 and can be plugged in an outlet. For a more efficient and cleaner look, hire an electrician to hard-wire them into existing light switches or install new switches for them.

With new lights in your kitchen, you can try splurging a little bit to put something the new light can focus on. Consider installing a new granite countertop to become a focal point in your kitchen. The price of granite countertops has decreased and you can find a decent one to place unto a kitchen island without much difficulty. Opt for thin slabs rather than thicker ones and get a simple edge treatment to keep the price down.

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