NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Tiles As Eye Candy

Posted on December 6, 2018

All NYC kitchen remodeling plans will factor in the type of tile to use in the kitchen. The effect of tiles in a kitchen is too big to ignore and there are a lot of different ways to use tiles to get amazing effects. They can be placed all around the kitchen and can be what pulls your entire kitchen theme together.

The one type of tile with the most designs available to it would have to be the glass tiles. This kind of tile is commonly painted on both sides and then refired. The way it is made is somewhat similar to a marble, resulting in an endless array of colors. With a near infinite amount of colors available to them, their use is just as endless.

While glass has been around for quite awhile now, it is only recently that its popularity significantly surged. Examples of popular designs for glass tiles are bronze, mosaic, metallic, and gold among many others.

There are even a few companies which take in orders for custom made tiles. Some of these come with a very detailed glazed design that can only be achieved through its manufacturing process.

Other than glass tiles, people are also looking for the right kind of tiles for their NYC kitchen remodeling plans. You can’t really get that Mexican villa theme to look right without the right terra cotta or the Mediterranean theme without those cornflower blue limestone.

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