NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Twos a Company

Posted on November 10, 2018

There are plenty of homes that have kitchens which are used by more than one person. Some NYC kitchen remodeling projects focus on making a kitchen an ideal workspace for two people at one time. This is perfect for couples who both enjoy cooking as it gives them a workspace that is both visually striking and functional at the same time.

The most important thing to consider would have to be the layout. Very few kitchens provide a conducive work atmosphere for two so thoughtful designs must be worked in to properly accommodate two at a time. Below are a few helpful suggestions to add to NYC kitchen remodeling plans focusing for two people cooking at once.

  • Clip the corners around the kitchen island to make passing around them easier.
  • Consider placing the refrigerator away from the main working area to avoid blocking passageways.
  • If you have a large budget, create two separate work areas by installing one sink for each cook.
  • Purchase a large range such as one with 6 burners, and 2 ovens. This will provide enough space for two at a time without having to buy a separate range.
  • The range hood is likely to become a focal point due to the large cooking area. Take the time to purchase one that will complement the overall design of the kitchen or make the overall design complement the biggest focal point in the kitchen.
  • Be sure to have a lot of counter space as you will definitely need it along with two separate cleanup areas.
  • Be sure to give plenty of allowance to spacing to avoid bumping into each other as this can cause accidents within a kitchen.

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