NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Vintage Improvements

Posted on November 8, 2018

Think twice before throwing away an outdated cabinet or before purchasing that expensive kitchen island. You do not need to spend a lot of money on NYC kitchen remodeling to achieve a remarkable kitchen. With a little imagination and the right type of kitchen design, old furniture and fixtures can turn a dull kitchen into a unique, eclectic, beautiful kitchen.

The clearest advantage to using vintage furniture and fixtures would be the money you save on your NYC kitchen remodeling budget. You can use old furniture which you have lying around or you can shop around in flea markets or garage sales and find them cheap. With just a $1,000, you can have a kitchen brimming with functional appeal.

Most kitchens that can be called bland are usually missing some properly chosen colors in the right places. Maybe there are windows that need decorating or maybe the kitchen simply needs a little change in furniture. Perhaps the cabinets and drawers were placed without much focus on its effect on the overall layout. These are remedied by the addition of tasteful balance paired with stylistic design when making improvements in the kitchen.

If your kitchen has a window, add tasteful railings or curtains from vintage materials to turn the window into a beautiful focal point. The railing gives your kitchen a new display area where you can finally place those old-fashioned dishes or teacups a lot of kitchens seem to have gathering dust in their storage.

To improve the look of older refrigerators, consider adding a custom fitting cabinet around the refrigerator as part of your NYC kitchen remodeling project. Not only will it make the refrigerator fit in the kitchen better, it will also improve the overall design of the kitchen by not leaving any gaps in space making it more functional and streamlining the look of the kitchen. The cabinet around the fridge also gives you the perfect space to place a microwave, giving you back precious counter space.

Vintage items such as old bird cages also make great additions to your kitchens. Some designers have even designed a bird cage as an artful overhead lighting solution. For a kitchen island, try shopping around garage sales or flea markets for tables which can be converted to serve as such. You can be surprised at how versatile old furniture can be and how imaginative people can become when they are making their own furniture. There are plenty of DIY guides available which can help you turn vintage items into tasteful kitchen décor.

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