NYC Kitchen Remodeling: Working Space

Posted on October 13, 2019

In regards with NYC kitchen remodelingthere was once a time when the average person had a small handful of choices when it came to their kitchen work surface and just as few color options as well. Today, we have several different materials with countless colors and designs available for each one. The average consumer can choose from professional quality stainless steel to the more traditional porcelain or maybe lean towards something more daring such as stone or concrete.


Granite is a premium choice for a working surface as it is practically timeless and can take a serious beating and not have any visibly damages. Granite, however, can have wildly varying prices and quality depending on where you purchase it. A good NYC kitchen remodeling expert will be able to differentiate good quality granite.


A laminate working surface is the common choice of most people as it is both cheap and very durable. These come in a plethora of designs and textures and can even mimic the appearance, as well as feel, of other materials. It is also easy to maintain though difficult to replace.


Another material which will never go out of style, marble work surfaces provides a certain air of prestige and luxury that other materials could not hope to mimic. They are not too difficult to work with and can be shaped to match the contours of your kitchen. Marble, however, will require good maintenance and regular treatment to keep it in prime condition.


Tiles are a cost efficient option and can also be designed to look as you want it to. They have a large variety of colors to choose from and are also durable and stain-resistant. For tougher tiles, choose porcelain. The downside to tiles is that it will require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking clean.

Stainless steel

The choice of passionate chefs, stainless steel is easy to maintain and are inhospitable for bacteria. It can also be shaped in a variety of ways and may even outlast you. This, however, is quite expensive and most commonly used in professional kitchens.


Possibly the oldest kind of work surface available, Wood has always been a favorite of NYC kitchen remodeling experts. Ranging from different classy options and being more than capable to withstand extreme temperatures as well as being easy to clean, wood will always have a place in majority of kitchens today and it is unlikely to go out of style.

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