NYC Kitchen Remodeling: What You’re Paying For

Posted on February 21, 2019

There are a good number of people who, after finishing their NYC kitchen remodeling project, have little idea of what exactly they paid and why it cost that much. The cost of major appliances, however, is no mystery and can easily be accounted for, but what about everything else?

To fully appreciate your new kitchen, you should have a clear grasp on what it is you are paying for and why that is. Below are a few things that may be relevant to your interests.

Labor, installation, and finished products

While the cost of labor can vary between NYC kitchen remodeling contractors, it usually amounts to 30% of your entire bill while the installation along with cost of materials should eat up a good 60%.

Understanding exactly where your money is going is quintessential to those on tight budgets. You should also know that the labor costs may go down depending on the difficulty of the project; in other words, the easiest and most efficient method can drastically reduce your labor costs.

Lowering the bill

Choosing different cabinets, counters, and flooring can significantly lower your NYC kitchen remodeling bill. For example, stone counters normally cost around 4 times for than laminate counters when you factor in installation, materials, and fabrication. Keep in mind that while laminate can save you a few thousand dollars, you will save twice as much by choosing stock cabinetry.

Flooring is normally charged per square feet. How much it costs per square feet depends on what kind of flooring you are using. Some flooring options can go as little as $1 per square feet while others can cost you as much as $30 per square feet. The materials aren’t the only things that will determine the price, as the ease of installation will vary between different floors.

In the end it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend on an excellent kitchen. But remember this: even the most basic materials can give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted; you just need to know right way to decorate and sort it out.

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