NYC Kitchen Renovation: Enlarging Small Kitchens

Posted on October 6, 2019

In New York, space is a luxury not many people can boast about. NYC kitchens have followed the trend and are normally designed not take up too much space. There are, however, many ways and techniques that NYC kitchen renovation experts can utilize to make small kitchens seem much larger. The average person spends a considerable amount of time within their kitchens and so it becomes imperative to ensure that this space becomes more efficient and comfortable.


The first step to take before considering any NYC kitchen renovation plans would be to simply take a look at your kitchen and visualize yourself working within it. Try to remember those times you felt awkward or cramped within your kitchen to see exactly what needs improvement. Assess how much time you or your family spend within your kitchen. A good number of families eat on their kitchen table to save time leaving the dining table to be used less often.

Once you’ve taken note of how you use your kitchen, you will now have a clearer notion of how your layout can be improved. It would also be a good idea to use this time to take a look at different kitchen designs to see what sort of styles or colors you like.


Use color to your advantage by choosing one neutral hue to be used within the whole kitchen. It would be best if everything within the kitchen could keep this hue so as to provide a smoother and more balanced flow throughout the kitchen. Avoid cabinets with too much detail or you can try switching to glass cabinets – a word of caution: you must also decorate the inside of the cabinets if you plan on making them see-through.

NYC kitchen renovation specialists also take advantage of the way color can affect emotions and perceptions. Painting a kitchen in cooler shade of color, such as sky blue or thistle yellow, can give the illusion of receding walls making them seem larger. Warmer colors like rose red or chocolate brown give areas a more intimate and closer feel. Small kitchens will benefit from cooler shades of colors making them seem lighter and roomier.


NYC kitchen renovation plans on small kitchens almost always adds shelves generously. Placing well designed shelves in strategic locations around the kitchen will not only give you more storage options for your kitchen, it will also make the kitchen seem bigger and more appealing as it invites the eye to wander onto the walls. Shelves can also be used for decorative purposes by placing commemorative plates or small accent pieces upon them.

Ceilings and floor

It is also important for kitchen renovation experts to take the floors and the ceilings into account when making any plans for small kitchen renovationsFinding suitable matching designs on both the floor and the ceilings will keep the room looking smooth. Splurge a little bit on lighting as it will also help improve the atmosphere while adding a touch of class within the kitchen.

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